Paint Consultation

Talk to an expert in color design!

New paint completely changes the look and feel of your space.

I can help you with this confusing and overwhelming process of color selection. The last thing you want to do is paint your entire home and regret the color you chose.

I will help determine which exact colors are best for you based on your aesthetic taste/style, amount of sunlight, type of sunlight, direction of sunlight, coordinating/corresponding colors, hue, tone, tint, shade, undertones, flow and a few other important factors.

Rather than just guessing, let me help you.

I’ver painted hundreds of homes (both interior and exteriors) and I know what I’m talking about. I am well versed with Whites, Off-Whites, Warm Neutrals, Cool Neutrals, ROYGBIV Colors, Bright Colors, Dark Colors, Classic Colors, Modern Colors and Timeless Colors.

My $300 Color Consultation includes:

Lastly, as a bonus… I am happy to provide a free quote for me and my team to do the work and paint your home for you.

Please complete the form by clicking “Contact Us” or call me directly at 414-553-5544.

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